Write in a notifier text

I know the component notifier and it can make a dialog of text, image and choose, etc.
But how can I make a dialog in which a person can write text in a textbox?

TIP: The textbox should be inside the notifier dialog.

simple create an vertical or horizontal arrangement.
In which you add the button , text box and what not. plan when you have to show it. When user hit such event make custom dialog to pop up.



Oh, thanks, I didn’t know because I started making apps in kodular since February 2021,: :sweat_smile: So I don’t know much about it.

i just showed an eg. I did not add any function when button 5 click on. There you need to add your logic for further proceedings

Noted reply!

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Use Show Text Dialog or Show Text Input Dialog , read more here

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Thanks for the help

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