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Is possible to make an text box dialog with 2 different messages?
Like: When I press a button, one box dialog will appear and in the text box it will be writeen “Yes” (for exemple) and another press at the button, will appear again the text box dialog it will be written “No” (exemple). And it is possible to make this 2 text box dialogs to be displayed randomly? And somebody can help me with blocks? Thanks guys!! <3

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or notifier docs

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Use easydialog extension to show dialog when button click, in that dialog use textbox. Now it will become a textbox dialog.

If I got it proper, @tony only want to show dialogue containing a text box and button maybe. If this is the case then why to use and rely on any extension when the same can be achieved with Kodular’s in-built component (Notifier) as suggested by @Mateja ?

@tony Try to use Create Custom Dialogue method of Notifier component

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Yeah, it is possible with in built notifier but notifier wont work after changing screens.

The user never mentioned that as problem. The user only wanted to know the way of creating a dialogue.

This is one of the way…

But he can avoid it by choosing appropriate way.

Btw, it depends on him which way to choose.

Guys, I want only to have 2 dialog text to show random when press the button.

Please elaborate

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