Duplicate JSON thread

This is my blocks
Hey sorry for disturbing. I read your post. I have been trying to use API for weeks now and finally I got a clue with your post. Thanks to that. One issue now is that the API format you used is not same with mine so I got errors when I try to get the data.
This is my API format

please how do I fetch the data since they’re are not on a sub array.
let me send a screenshot of the error

In the block, ‘for each item in list’, you are searching for key in the global title but it is available inside the global decoder. Replace ‘global title’ with ‘global decoder’, your error will be solved. :slight_smile:


I have created the dynamic components and they’re working well. The API is entering there but there is an issue.

The json arrays create a list and enter in the components instead of each array creating a new component. Let me show the json

Please anyone who could help me rectify this. Thanks

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