JSON with Dynamic Components

Good day everyone, I have asked this question for 2 times but no one seems to help me out or give me a reply. I don’t know the issue. I need help. Please anyone who can. I have searched the forum for too long. I created an API that fetches data.

I used the following blocks to add it into dynamic components

The result I get is below

Now the issue is this. I seem to be getting all the API data into one component. It is not splitting into lists and creating different components for itself. Please anyone who could help me I’d appreciate. If I made a mistake on the blocks kindly point that out to me. Thanks for your time.

Check the size of your list GetArticles and the variable number …

Can you provide your json response ?

I have gotten what I need. Thanks for all your replies.


Check which post helped you solve it or show how you solved it.


You complained … and when you solved it, what did you do? @Onuorah_Ifeanyi

The solution wasn’t gotten from this post. I discovered it myself. There’s no way to mark any reply as the solution since it’s not there.

Okay. So after that you posted the third time with 2 answers given, one of which was a request for you to post your Json, you did it yourself … So post what you did alone, to help community users. Can you help us?


You come to ask for help but you don’t help


and when did you conclude that? Please let’s us mind how we address each other. Thank you

naijabooks.apk (5.8 MB)

Here are the correct blocks. I made a mistake before of not selecting items from the global decoder list. Now I am. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Because if rogerio don’t tell you to share the solution, you don’t. But I’m glad that you did


When someone gives you the solution or you post the solution (as you did) click on the 3 points below the post that was the solution and then look for the square.



I know about that. I have marked solutions before. But this particular post did not give the solution. That’s what I am trying to show you or should I mark any reply as the solution?

Usually you can just mark your post with the correct blocks/solution as Solution.

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