Dynamic Card issue

Hello all!
I’m facing some problem when creating dynamic cardview. When I click on a button it’s creating dynamic CardView as I want. But Clicking again on that button It’s create cards view again. I just want once.

By the way I’m a beginner here, Please help.

Here is my blocks.

And Here is my aia file,
DynamicCardView.aia (25.2 KB)

Use click count with variable.
1.Initialise click count to zero
2 When user clicks button 1
set click count to global get click count +1 (add if else block)
If the global get click count is =1 then call procedure …

Also in the screen initialise block set click 0. Then only next time while user enters dynamic card will create

No success…!! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Bring that if else block in when spreadsheet2 got column.

If the count is 1
Set clock timer to true
Else set clock timer to false


Also use two counters because you are using two buttons.

So in the if else block need to change

If get button1 count is 1 or button2 count is 1
Set clock timer to true
Else click timer to false

Yes, For creating different cards from airtable table

Did you catch my point?

Should I remove the if else block from Button1 and Button2 ?

It’s works but when click another button like Button2 It didn’t create any card too. I want all the button will create the cards once from Airtable.

Yes. That set button1 click count to get global button1 click +1 alone you need to use in button1

Likewise in another button have to set.

But that if else block should present in when spreadsheet 2 got column end

Please check, Am I done correctly?

no. wait…


It’s working, Just one more problem occurs. When Click button 2 It doesn’t stop loading the circular progress.

No way. Refresh the screen. Circle bar will enable only if the values is 1. If not nothing will happen

I’m testing my app in my mobile. By Uninstalling then download and installing New apk. So how can I refresh the screen??

Are you there? Please help.

First time or second time click?

Not working the new aia file. It don’t create the new cards but It also don’t create the cards from the airtable. When I add airtable label then I saw that.
dynanew.aia (27.7 KB)

Kindly check up, in the designer Mode that circular progress is untick or not. If it is marked pls unmark and try , surely it will work

try this…

dyna1.aia (26.9 KB)