If i update particular cell value in Airtable, then Any type of list view become doubled

I have searched in community and didnt find any relevant to this query.

I have created Dynamic card and dynamic label by using airtable data. Everything works pakka and good. But when i try to update the airtable particular cell value just by clicking any dyn button (the moment i click), my dynamic cards length( if i use even collintree or list view) totally become doubled.

I cannot find exact reason for this.

before clicking any dynamic button view

**After clicking any dynamic button **

my blocks


(PS. Airtable is properly updating. if i dint use any type of list view, it is working properly but if i use then the total length become doubled
I have tried by usig this block too but i am getting same result image )

Suggest me a suitable solution, still i am learning and many more yet to learn

You have not posted the CardViewClick block please show those blocks

I Didn’t use any such event.

Only four events.

  1. Screen initialise
  2. When spreadsheet got Colum
  3. And then this one

Ok then please show us your full blocks

here it is

The main problem is, lists become doubled whenever i click any dynamic button but values are printing correctly, i verified with label text…

You should check that Is Got All Row event reoccurring
As far I understand the problem is causing by GotAllRow event is occuring again and again

Ok, i will check up. Thanks for immed reply. :+1:

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i tried this one too but getting same result…

Pm me your aia I will soon fix it :upside_down_face:

Glad to here… Sending you… :smiley:

I have just checked the apk and aia and As I have said the problem was :fu::fu::fu:
I think it is a kodular bug so the GotAllRow event is occuring on getting the cell

The simple solution for stop the recreation of the component is:-

Just use a variable that store the false (means the components has not created yet) and when components created simply store true in it (means the components has created) then just put some logic in if condition and they will not be created again

Great… You have solved it in a simple manner… Thanks a lot… :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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