Dynamic card view - Gradient Background

Hello! How can I set a gradient background on a dynamic card view? I use this extension to create them…

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Instead of using card views use a horizantal arrangemnt and set the layout is card property to true.then use the background gradient extension to set its background color to gradient.


If I use the extension on a Round Horizontal Arrangement, the round card dissapear… Any fix?

That’s strange :thinking: can you show your blocks?
BTW, that isn’t very related with the current thread.

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So this doesn’t work.With round card property ( and many other thing actully )
So what you can do? you can try using this extension to make the horizantal arrangment rounded:

And this is how to use:

This extension is only with buttons, right? I need it for the horizontal arrangement… ;(
EDIT: I have found it xd

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Nope.You will find in the download links an extension to work with arrangements

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No. It’s work with arrangement. Did You Read the Topic ?

This is arrangement :point_down:t2:


@Rogerio_Rios :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Can I change the orientation of the gradient color? @Mohamed_Tamer @Rogerio_Rios

Yes of course.Just change the orientation parameter.
Here you can find them:

With that extension works?

Basically, I want to do a similar card like the 4th screenshot

Yes, I know it, but when I enable the option Is a Round Card, it doesn’t work correctly

Can you start a new topic for your new question.This isn’t related with this question.the question was:

And it was answered.Btw, you can mange it by using start color / center color and end color.:wink:

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Actually it’s working with me well with a horizantal arrangemnt by setting the is card property to true.

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