Dynamic Circular Slider [Extended but with issues need to be solved]

i am trying to make a Dynamic circular slider by extending the idea of @Italo

and by using dynamic components extension of @yusufcihan

i made some minor changes in @Italo’s aia to adopt it to dynamic system . everything is set perfectly but it is not showing circular progress bar

My Blockls
blocks (17) blocks (18)


dynamicSlider.aia (39.9 KB)

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No help… even not a single koder checked it :roll_eyes::expressionless:Rip…

You do realize we are in different time zones, we have lives, we sleep, we work, etc, right?


I’m downloading your aia right now and testing it. Don’t despair please!!! :laughing:

Start by fixing some things that are not right:

Height and width of image sprite are - 2 set to fill parent as i saw in your example aia

And image i used it is random :flushed: probably not in this aia because actually i copied these blocks from another project in which this image was in assests

And sorry to say i didn’t notice double use of picture of image sprite block

I don’t think so. This is my original procedure:


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Yeah i changed these too to modify aia so that i can perform everything perfectly without using when canvas dragged block

Try those fixes first. Let’s see if something changes.

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I didn’t have my laptop at this time… I was thinking to work when you come online but unfortunately i m outside and ig you don’t mind plz try it on your side too… As i m outside… And if i wait to go home and use then you will be offline :unamused::joy: and i will have to wait one day again… Today i posted this issue in morning and no one even give it a touch :joy: so plzz

Ok, I will try but be aware that I’m in my job right now, so it may take some time.

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Ok No worries m waiting for you and i will try my best too and thanks for this kind help​:heart:


So you don’t need to drag the slider? You only need it as a value visualizer?

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Yeah i only want to show the colured progress with a given value actually i m working on a blood donation app so i want to show numbrr of blood units given / total required
And i want to show it in this circular slider

Ok, this is going to be a lot easier then.

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Yeah its for u not for me :sweat_smile: m working for two days​:sob::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and btw it will be a great contribution from your side in our blood donation system… :heart:

Glad to help in this good cause.
The solution I’m going to try is to add one parameter to the circularslider procedure to specify which canvas you want to update. Then replace the specific blocks for canvas1 with the generic ones and use the canvas parameter there.
Sounds a little complicated but it’s easy. You’ll see.

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And i also want to draw Blood group name instead of percentage and
Below blood group name i want a line and below line i wanna show unites gained/total required e.g 4/6 etc

But if you have short time then make a simple silder as i mentioned above and i’ll yry to add further details but if you have time then plz also look into it :heart:

Okey waiting :+1::heart:

Lucky for you I got a little carried away and did something cool with this. :grin:
This is a little demo I made:

This is how you call the procedure, I think the parameters are self explanatory:


When you call the procedure, it will draw the circular progress indicator in the specified canvas with the specified parameters. You just need to make sure the canvas is a perfect square (not rectangular).
This indicator does not allow for dragging, I guess I can add that but I don’t have the time right now. It is only for displaying values, not for selecting it.

Here’s the procedure:

And the demo aia. You don’t need all the blocks in the aia in your project. You only need the procedure in the above image, the rest are for demo only. I hope it is useful to you and anyone else who needs it.

CircularProgressIndicator.aia (11.9 KB)