Circular slider

May be storing the previous value in the drag and comparing If previous value=100% and new value > 5% then do… everything.
I don’t know, I just woke up :grin:. I’ll try something during the day. But since @Hossein said this might be included in the next release, don’t give it too much thought. It will be way easier when the component is added.

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I would say continue with your development because

  1. What we will have may not match exactly your use case
  2. By you continuing your development, we will have better understanding of what users want

BTW, How do you see the percentage update being updated? Just randomly or based on something like percentage of file being downloaded?


Ok then, over the weekend I will make this a little more user friendly, so it can be used almost as a component with properties like the standard slider. The stopping at minimum or maximum number I think it can be done.

Is that question for the original poster or for me?

General question to all

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It’s a little funny how I get the %.
It’s the heading of the sprite I used for the slider button. It converts 0 - 360 degrees to a percentage. With some other calculations, it can be converted to any max-min range.

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We eagerly await

I’ll do it but at this point I think it will be beneficial if an extension developer can provide this as a real component.
With mine, it can become too complicated to implement many of these together. Each one will be a separate canvas.

Making us curious :grin:


Ok, it was a little more work than I thought and unfortunately it can’t be made as a single procedure.
But I made it scalable to the canvas size. The canvas size should be ALWAYS square, not rectangular for this to work as intended. It can be any size and the slider will adapt to it.
Also, it stops at 0% and at 100%, I think the movement is pretty smooth, so test it and see if it works for you.

CircularSlider.aia (9.0 KB)
CircularSlider.apk (4.8 MB)

If you need something less complicated, consider buying this extension from @Andres_Cotes, I think it’s the same thing you need: CircleDisplay Extensión (Paid Extension) - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community


Nice work :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you very much for your support and efforts. It was a great job. I would also like to thank the other friends who contributed. Best regards…

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:pray: :innocent:

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Great job @Italo :star_struck:
Btw, how do I set the maximum value of the slider? Which is 100 currently

Since this is not a component like the built in ones, you have to make some calculations.
All I get is the degrees the user moves the slider, then I convert that (0-360) to 0-100 with these blocks:

Change the 100 for the maximum value you want.
The minimum will always be 0, unless you or someone else wants to add that feature. I think this will be a nice base to start making your own modifications to it.


Nice work! How to rotate the 0 Point to top?

I like your job!