Dynamic cloud storing app

hi makeroider’s;
I have question in the following:
1)Is there any way to make dynamic cloud storing app.:grinning:
I think this is possible through php so,how to do??:thinking:
please answer as much as fast

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@Diego will make a php storage template after he finish some other work

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thank you so much :grinning:

Yep :+1:

Currently I’m building the paid users API, so when I finish the work that I have with Makeroid, I can work on this template

hey @Diego thanks.we can make that app together :grinning:

The app can be easily done :sweat_smile:

The hard thing is to make the PHP framework

hmmm .I am learning php now :joy: :joy:

hey.I fully learned php from sololearn.com.I dont know where to start the php script to build dynamic app