Dynamic components extension help

There is an error with id. Can anyone please resolve it (especially @yusufcihan )

Please forgive me if I have done silly mistake because I have used this extension first time

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can you please tell me where I have done that

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what are doing, you are just repeating same

Sorry because my network connection is poor(After daily data limit) it is not showing me the post
I had submitted that many times
Now I saw that it is posted many times

Mistake in Create Dynamic component block.
You can’t repeat ID number

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

ID needs to be unique for each created component.

Still I didn’t understand please help me I with some blocks

Set get number block as I’d everywhere.
Like this


if I set it to get number then there is same error

Can you share your blocks again?

Here are they

Still same error

You are still using same ID across different Spreadsheet instances. ID needs to be unique in everywhere of current Screen. So you can’t use same ID in another event block.

If you have 3 Spreadsheet instances, then you should have 3 instances of DynamicComponents too.

You can create another instances of DynamicComponents extension by dropping 2 more to Screen. So you can link to different Spreadsheet instances.

Spreadsheet1 > DynamicComponents1
Spreadsheet2 > DynamicComponents2
Spreadsheet3 > DynamicComponents3

Or if you want to only use one instance you can simply add another text to the front of ID like Spreadsheet’s name.

join “Spreadsheet1” with get number

Thank you it helped

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