Dynamic image load issues

Hello koders.
I’m facing some issues loading my app.
It’s a chat app. Text msg loading fast but problem with image loading. Have a demo video

In this I’m calling few text msg and 3 image sometimes crashing or lagging ui or taking a huge time to load image. When calling more then 5 image It’s just crashing.
It’s my firebase data.

And It’s my total blocks

and this is my schema code.

{ “name”: “image_chat”, “metadata-version”: 1, “extension_version”: 5, “author”: “Morsalin”, “platforms”: [ “kodular” ], “extensions”: {}, “keys”: [ “index”, “side”, “picture” ], “components”: [ { “id”: “ig{index}”, “type”: “HorizontalArrangement”, “properties”: { “AlignHorizontal”: “{side}”, “BackgroundColor”: 16777215, “Width”: -2 }, “components”: [ { “id”: “{index}”, “type”: “MakeroidCardView”, “properties”: { “BackgroundColor”: 16777215, “ContentPaddingBottom”: 0, “ContentPaddingLeft”: 0, “ContentPaddingRight”: 0, “ContentPaddingTop”: 0, “AlignHorizontal”: 3, “AlignVertical”: 2, “Width”: -1, “Height”: -1, “CornerRadius”: 15, “Elevation”: 0 }, “components”: [ { “id”: “pic{index}”, “type”: “Image”, “properties”: { “Height”: -1, “Width”: -1, “Clickable”: true, “ScalePictureTo”: true, “Picture”: “{picture}” } } ] } ] } ] }

In 33sec no video for 26sec. I hope you are having too much data. Cross check your blocks from the beginning. Also your app taking too much of data for loading.

please check my post again i have updated my post with full details


Try this

Delete creation of image from schema and use image utilities to load them

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Or use image loader to cache image

i have tried image loader extension but didn’t find any way to shape images after loading with it…images look bad after loading

@dora_paz Tried this looks very bad. It can’t make auto shaping like image component.
Help please.

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Please remove your personal details from video. Otherwise I will Flag it