Dynamic ImageGridView! By Dynamic Components

First Create A Horizontal Arrangement of height and width full parent
then create 4 vertical arrangement in it of 25 percent width and full height
and then here are the blocks

AIA - DynamicGridImageView(2).aia (4.8 KB)



wasted time :face_with_thermometer::weary: because why would i or anyone use if there is no on click block

I was just started reading your post and suddenly :joy::joy::joy::joy:
It could be helpful for making just a good ui… don’t delete such creativity… we will look into it and think about what to do with it

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solution Founded!
i will place it inside card view!!!
i will be updating post after 10 mins

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You want click listener in dynamic image.

ya i want that.:zipper_mouth_face:
when using dynamic card it is using so much space

Now Check Topic Posted

I used your .aia file and connected to my airtable database, but how to click on that cardview to set wallpaper?

use on click block of card view
and on click get id
can you show me blocks how you connected to airtable so i can give answer

My app awesome with your blocks, and also the airtable database.DynamicGridImageView.apk (5.0 MB)

how to click on the bottom sheet and click set wallpaper, download picture to phone


Have You Set That Click Feature?

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I don’t know how to block it yet, what to do when I click on set wallpaper or download picture and the image is saved.

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wait 2 minutes

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check these blocks

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okay, I’ll add those blocks and try them, thank you