Tap and hold to select multipal images

can anyone pls help me in my project
i made an app where users can download images
now iam facing a problem where i want that when user tap and hold on picture then he can able to select multi images at a time and download then, i have used a dynamic card view to display images on arrangement and i created a loop.
ps sorry for bad English

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Thanks but my problem is but different i don’t want yo pic images from device storage… In my all images are shown from we links through airtable like my application is similar to any walpaper application and i want to download wallpapers in bulk and want to share those wallpaper in bulk… please help

You will have to build a logic so that you can enable multi selection in dynamic list.
For ColinTreeListView users here is a PR:

Yep, right I have already made a logic that I am using in Onyx Note.

Should I make a guide for it ?

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Sure, go ahead.

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