Dynamic Search dosent work like shoud

Hello, i was doing a high school project in kodular and my dynamic search just show the firsts informations instead of filter with item3 and i dont know what to do,
Someone could help me please? (sorry for my bad english).



I am a beginner in kodular, sorry for any stupid block logic.

Are you getting any error? Have you read this guide? Custom Search Bar with Simple & Dynamic Listview | Guide it will be rrally Helpful in your case

See this logic… Why do you set both true and false in same time… It must be set in if then else situation…

I mean

If the length of the list =0
Then (add the number 2 blocks)
Else (add the for each number from to by block)

Also you must clear the used id before creating dyna comp

Thanks for the help, i solved part of my problem and I did the organization you recommended, but still it is not filtering the other informations.
you have a ideia about what i should do?

here is a screenshot of what is happening

is showing the name and the firsts informantions, bjds category is Kia but show BMW(the first category).
i dont know how to filter the others together :frowning:

If possible share us your demo aia in here or in pm

ok, its here:
SavitarTCC.aia (3.0 MB)

file size clearly shows this is not a demo aia… sorry… My creator wont upload this kind size aia without prob also using side menu too…

so you want filter -n filter it seems (from your video)

yeah exactly

time being created this… Test this
Testing.aia (334.6 KB)

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oh my gosh, thank you very much!! this is exactly what i need.
i will try your method tomorrow, i come back if i success.
for real this is awesome, thank again for your work.

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