How to add search filter with dynamic components?

For example this is a projects i have created and every component is dynamic so how can i use search filter in this?

Yes it is possible to make a search functionality/filter with dynamic component also.
See below guide which would help you to get a start


i dont want to show in list view when i enter text only the dynamic cardview should be left with the search view containing text

@ADDYLIN can you please help me with this?

Did you read the whole topic that I qouted? There is also a search with dynamic components at the end of that topic. Also there is a video of the same.

If this is not what you want, then you should be more clear with your requirements.


Yes, That Is Quite Easy.

how to do it?

you have my old aia can you please some me in that one?

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You see there they are using extension or listview to show the data but i want to show all this data when searched in dynamic components…

for that i need help

I still feel that the topic quoted in my reply above can provide help( just read that whole topic) . But if not, then I may not be able to help further, as I fail to understand what you actually need


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That Will Be More Than Near Exact What You Need Or Want To Do.

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Step 1 : Create a list picker which asks the user to choose a particular field they want to search from (you can add an extra option called ‘all’).
Step 2 : Use the list of Dynamic Component IDs to fetch the filtered results by splitting the text at “.” and checking if the ID contains the selected field name, if it does, then add it to another list. (NOTE : Name every dynamic component in this format - All.ARRANGMENTNAME.FIELDNAME.USERNAME).
Step 3 : Check whether the text of the filtered components contains the text entered by the user and hide their arrangements if it returns false.

Result : Only the filtered arrangements will be left visible.