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Educational App


8(including screen1)


1-Database : Baserow , GoogleSheet
2-Notification : OneSignal , Baserow(For InAppNotification using DynamicComponent Kodular)
3- Database of Drugs : GoogleSheet
4- Database of Users : Baserow extension 3.2 by @oseamiya
5- Disblay Drug in App : Recycler Extension (count) 1.0.0 by @zainulhassan
6- Guides that give me a special informaion and help : @Still-learning , @dora_paz
7- Display some information Using Baserow as database and show component using DynamicComponentExtension 2.2.2 by @yusufcihan
8- Notifier Alternative : AlphaDialog by @zainulhassan
9- TextAlignment : to set the label text that using in recycler in the bottom of cardview (by bassapps)
10- Phase Animation : by @Shreyash
11- SVG image version 2 : to show waves in app using string code svg (not from assets)
12- FloatingActionView : by @Atom_Developments
13- Prevent user from login to App or Reducing the permissions in the application using Special Unique ID and Baserow As Database
14- all section work Online And Offline except (upload or create row in baserow database)



App Store/Download link:

I will edit the article when I put the apk link, wait until successful upload to google play
I hope that an evaluation will be placed now based on the images and I will upload the application link as soon as it becomes available

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Well-done. Finally you made it after hard learning… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Also you have given credit to all the extension developers, awesome…

Keep going and feel happy to help you…

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