Email, Companion AIA? Help Needed?

Can one of the developers send the companion AIA to me… through email REDACTED, If they did I could possibly help fix the companion issues just for this version!?

It’s a bit more complicated than just importing and editing an .aia file. It also can’t be exported as an .apk on the builder.

Can you try to send it to me so I can see what I do?

And if you sent it to me you never know how much I could learn from your coding as well! I WON’T EXPOSE YOUR CODE! Everything I see or get told is a secret of my heart.

You cannot just import the aia file in your account to edit the companion. It need to open in local instance in admin login. Also it cannot built in it. It have to be built during the compiling the source of makeroid. The companion error is not only by the aia, if any isseue/bug in the source components, it will affect companion.