Empty all the TextBox on one click

I have 2 Vertical Arrangements, each containing 5 TextBox for users to enter data. I am using it like screen switch that upon button click, one arrangements is set to visible while other to invisible. What I want is, when “Screens” are switched, all the TextBox in visible screen should become empty, so that fresh data can be entered.
I know it can be done with using a list containing all the names of TextBoxes in it, but at a later stage during development, the number of TextBox will increase. So is there a quick way?

simple, try like this,… Even later too you can add the textboxes in this list


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Thank you as usual for the first reply :smiling_face:

Yes I was thinking the same, but wondering if there is any "All Component Block".

I dont think so it is in kodular… As for as i know this is the method using in kodular

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