Error 2103 with permission enable

Hello everyone.

I have read the guides on the Android storage system as well as many other topics concerning this bug, but I have not found a solution so I am turning to you.

I want to save a document on the External Storage, but I encounter the error 2103.

Here is a capture of my blocks:

Via different buttons I try to write in different places.
The only ones that work are buttons 4 and 6 (“D.csv” and “/F.csv”), although I don’t know where the second is stored. As for the first one, it is well registered at /Android/data//files/D.csv .

Here is the screenshot of the error generated by button 1:

What I deduce is that the saving of the file is done automatically in " /storage/emulated/0/Android/data//files/…" , what I do not understand.

I am on Android 10 and not on the companion.
The write external storage permission is enabled for the application in the settings.

Thank you and have a nice day,

for Android 10+ the file component is not able to store files on a random directory on the internal (emulated) sdcard anymore… store it in the ASD as you are doing it and use one of the file extensions to copy it to the final destination…

however see also my comments here



Thanks for your quick response, I’ll take a look.

I take this opportunity to say a big thank you for everything you do for this community <3 that impresses me.


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