Error 3410 - Even when everything is working properly

Hello community,
I am getting an error “ERROR 3410: ERROR” in runtime when I click a card view.
Blocks: (sorry they’re a bit complex)

I am not getting any hint of what this error means. The catch here is that everything which is written in these blocks is working perfectly fine. Like the music is being played, the labels have their texts set properly, Lottie animation is played, but I don’t know why is that error popping continously.
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-08 at 15.46.09

Please help me to solve this error.

If the Margin is not working, try use the padding block option.

Thank you, it stopped giving the error. But can you please describe a way in which I can create a card view like this using only the Padding option?

Not able to test in the companion, I don’t know why

you mean creatin a card view on the bottom?