Error during compiling

Help me out here I am not able to get what is wrong exactly.

Check screen quote for empty blocks or errors


Seems that something more is wrong with your screen from here…

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All is clean
Every thing well defined

Names were same. I changed the name of label everything got solved

Ok this problem got solved automatically. I am confused
Anyways Thank you @Boban and @dora_paz
I am facing really weird errors
all the words spelling “quotes” changed to “quoteds”

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Not sure why it did that.

Yes that is strange sometime when I copy the screen 1 and in screen1_copy screen every text which I written in screen 1 their change in screen 1_copy like this “one” to “1scone”

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Like @Maxtern said I did copy the screen. But I didn’t think it was effect of that. Every single text had changed. even the text from the strings.

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