Error happening for no reason


When I add these blocks error happens solution please

Show all blocks

Only these blocks cause error I checked

Wrong dynamic component id, check it

this event must trigger after the dynamic component creation and of course after obtaining the global lists…

Checked all are right ids

Yes I used a clock timer after dynamic components created after 2 sec it will occur but it changes colour of one list and not any other list

Are you sure the id is correct?? especially the horizontal id…

Yes it’s correct its just numbers

You are adding a parameter to a component which is never made ( i mean which is not yet made… there will be an ID issue )

Can you show all the ids with respect to their components?

This blocks output without clock components

I had checked ids 3 times all ids are correct

If u have checked then no null object error must be occured

I just found it it happen because of card view id ‘cc’

Cuz it’s only available at some cardviee

If u have solved, post a solution so that it makes a valid sense that the solution has been resolved and how

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