Help please not going to another screen

Hi Guys i try to make a news app. I created my all blocks. But this blocks shows again and again this type of error. Please guys tell me why he show thia error.

The problem could be with the data call on the second page
show blocks

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Your start value is completely wrong , see the warning message.

  1. Actually what you want in the start value?
  2. Show your screen1 blocks

If you read the error carefully, you get your answer.

In a select list item block, list param needs a list and index param needs a positive number.

But it looks like the index is a2

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correct the issue is in index so just remove alphabets from index then it will work

The dynamic components are given such IDS.
@Nitin1 will have to change the ID of the dynamic component (card view)

I believe dynamic cardviews id’s are in the form of a1,a2,a3…If so try this

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