Error in mysql.php when i am using sql database as a userdata

I think you have not enabled JavaScript in your web viewer or browser.

But how i enable JavaScript in kodular app?

In web viewer designer properties there is an option ’ Enable JavaScript ’
Just enable that and try again.

Sorry but I can’t find this option

Here it is:

Then it can be problem of website.
Also you can show us blocks.

Can u give me ur telegram id or any other platform for better conversation

Sorry I cannot.
If anyone wants to contact me then there are only two ways:
1.Kodular Community
2.My website which is under construction
Ask question here in the community.

Sorry for that just tell me the safest space for Saving users detail i heard about firebase but its easily hackable and sql database not work.

Yes if you do not use proper rules and methods.

It will.Just give it a try.

Can u suggest post regarding mysql database

In MySql you have to run queries not Post or put or get.
And it varies according to your needs.
There are also requests like Http like select, update, insert or delete.

I did it bro registration form work well thanks for help. Thank u brother​:heart::heart:

If you have solved problem then share it here so others can know about it.

I m working in read data(login ) give me some time i will post full method

Maybe this is because you have not used ‘=’ before password.

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