Error in play console

please check!
it is show me in play console what should i do now? please help

@Suradip_Dutta wait soon kodular will bring Update for android 11 api 30

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Please take fast action on this update

You can’t tag a staff Member as i am not a staff member

@Diego Please See This

@Aditya_Nanda is there any another way for android 11 and api 30?

@Suradip_Dutta Still now not ! :crossed_swords: but will be soon in next 2-3 days

are you sure in 2-3 days

Yes because the deadline is 31 August and kodular :kodular: must have to give this update by and before 31st July

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Mark solution if you got your answer @Suradip_Dutta :wink:

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