Error Trying to use Kodular

My Kodular Companion is not connecting to project. Project is brand new, not a single block of code, and yes i’m using firefox and the two devices are connected to the same internet. Kodular is obligatory in my school so I NEED it to work fine.

Trying to connect via wifi:

via USB:

My cellphone is a Moto e6. I tried reinstalling the companion but to no avail. also tried Crome and Edge.

Have you tried firefox?

Did you try connecting from another network? You can also try disabling ad blockers or related extensions/software to see if they are blocking the connection.

OP says they already tried Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Oh my bad i missed it.

BTW, Is your network strong?

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I tried using both the school wifi and the 4g on my cellhphone, none of them worked and I don’t use extensions. And now I will add more information to the problem after some tests:

1: The connection between my Kodular Companion On My Phone works when connecting to my computer at home (using of wifi and 4g).

2: The connection between my Kodular Companion doesn’t work when connecting to the computer at school (both wifi and 4g).

3: The connection between my friends Kodular Companion works when connecting to my computer at school.

I think the problem might be the wifi that I use at school? But i would be happy if just the usb connection worked.

It seems that I wasn’t connected to the right wifi at school and problably the firewall was blocking my connection, it’s now working as intended, thank you all for your help!

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