Kodular Network Error But My Internet Connection is Perfectly Working?

i am trying to test my app using Kodular Companion But Kodular show me an error which is network error but my internet is working perfectly.

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That’s cool… but it because we start using other apps which makes companion disconnect…
Or may be companion server are refreshing…

Tell me i will uninstalls that apps

I have do this and other techniques also but that’s not work!! :pensive: :pensive:

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From other apps I mean… Any app just like I started companion & then open whatsApp after sometimes after 2-3 minutes my companion disconnected…

This issue also occurs with me. When I keep companion Ideal or Use any other app.

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Ya that’s occur with everyone…
May be it’s a bug…

but my error happens on the process of companion connection…

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My suggestions:

  1. Check if your phone does have free RAM (for example in Settings I have free memory 240 MB out of 900 MB)
  2. Try out a test app
  • create a new app, something super simple (for example a button, and when hitting a button you are displaying a notification)
  • start the Companion app in order to test this super simple app

It happens with me when i opens another tab in chrome.

i have already try this but not working :pensive: :pensive:

Finally it’s work!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: thanks to all of you for your support!!
The reason was chrome_browser-removebg-preview chrome browser, when i switch tobrave_browser brave browser now it’s perfectly working, now i will never use chrome browser.

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It works perfectly on MS Edge.
You should give it a try.

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