Network Error >> The Companion has disconnected

I hardly facing a problem which is so annoying …
I alway get Network Error ( With stable internet here ) when I try to test app live
I used Wifi … Ethernet … Emulator on Pc … 4G on phone and hotspot to laptop …
Actaully I am sure Don’t have any pc or internet problems
30 MB Download - 1 MB Upload ( Wifi )
15 MB Download - 15 MB Upload ( 4G)
I cant’t ever test my app from 2 days and it delaying my project

My App for free Eductional purposes ( Medicine Students ) and it was so helpful last year and I want thank kodular for that free service they offer but this year with current Covid-19 the needing of app at fastest time is important cause it help students to stay as far as they can with less days attendance so I hope someone can help me fixing this error so I can finish it faster ty <3

If you don’t do anything too much time it will disconnect. Note that both companion and creator should be connected to the same WiFi network.

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Companion seems to be down at least for me right now, when i scan the code it gives an alert that it can connect to

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it don’t ever work to disconnect whilte using … still same problem :frowning:

that’s strange…

To much words and no solution!!! I am still trying to solve the same issue here… but I see that we don’t have technical support…unfortunately!!!