Kodular Live Test not working

Hello everyone,
My kodular companion is not working every-time I click on live test and companion the process gets stuck at 41 percent.
P.S- I am using the same Wifi and https website bcz whenever i go to the http site It automatically redirects to the https website.

Clear you browsers cache
Upldate the Companion on the device
Make sure you have not anti Virus running on your computer, it may block the ports.
Try again, and let me know

Even tried that and going to incognito mode

There is a network communication issue between your device and your computer.

You need to be on the same network, no VPN’s, proxys etc.

Also, try to disconnect and reconnect to your WiFi network, restart the router, but the best solution probably is


Also, restart your phone, update the application, try to reinstall it, or clear the data of the Companion. Try with a different browser.

issue solved accidentally,
I took my laptop in my bedroom and was try it then found the fact that i was working too far from my router so I added a wifi range extender working fine.

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