Error While Getting Rows / Columns From Spreadsheet

Hi, I have a problem with my app. Its basically displays images posted before within app. But when I open the screen on my phone, It shows me an error like this:

These are my blocks that I used:

And this is the spreadsheet database that I’m using: (The number of rows increase as users post images):

I need help with this. Does anyone have a idea what’s wrong?

blocks are wrong

instead of for each items in the list, better use
for each number from to by event…

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Okay, so you mean like this?:

Yes but when this sheet got col, don’t you want to use the values?? I mean Where will you store the url when url colum returnd?

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You mean the ID values or the url values? Yes, i’m using the url values - connected to the path property of dynamic image block - which will display the image from the url, and I’m using the IDs to create the unique ID for dynamic image. I don’t get it what do you mean? Do I need to define a variable to hold the URL data first, and then create the dynamic image?