Error with look up in pairs block

I am using look up in pairs block and getting some error. I can’t understand. So, please help .

The error is:

Here are the Blocks,

Note: I have tried this also,

Here is the ,
Do It Result: (((image //share.png) (title (subtitle 01:35:24 PM ~ 21/10/2018)) ((image //share.png) (title (subtitle 01:35:19 PM ~ 21/10/2018)) ((image //share.png) (title (subtitle 01:35:13 PM ~ 21/10/2018)) ((image //share.png) (title DVIDS - Publications - The Journal) (subtitle 01:31:49 PM ~ 21/10/2018)))

try to select the first item of the sublist before using the lookup in pairs block

I have already tried that.

Also, then the error is:

Finally, The error is now solved by myself after trying many things out.

I found out that after removing the reverse list component( ~ list utils extension ~ appybuilder) it is now working fine.
Hence, the problem is with ~ list utils extension as it reverses the list and returns the items of that list but if the item is itself a list then it does not return the sublists as a list instead it provides sublists as a piece of text.

use the reverse List Component before you use it in the for each sublist commponent.

What do you mean?

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