Showing incorrect list items

Its showing incorrect list items when get taglist from firebase. I want from 1 item to length of list - 1. Here i attaching my blocks and database taglist.

IMG_20201013_083429 IMG_20201013_081412

When the list is displayed on a label

When you display list in label it will looks like this as you shown. Try using list view.

Why this doesnt fetch as a list in order?

No, it doesn’t fetch list in order. In firebase it is sorted out but when you call it, it is randomly arranged.

Any way to sort in order?..i want all items without demo item…how make it possible?

Before adding item to global list sort it in ascending order by using sort list block from list utilities extension and set sort order to 1.


Can you share the list utility extention link?

It is present on Appy builder community. Search about it on community, you will get it.

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Thanks…its worked…

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