Show values in list view are wrong


In my app i need extract name and age to each user after search, show it in a list view, but when get results, all name and age repeat in list view.

nome= name
ages= idades

My blocks:

My app:

  1. When fire base get tag list, you might want to put it inside the if not empty logic at the top.

  2. For your repeated items
    It’s because you the logic "for each number from 1 to length of list” is run every time you call firebase.

dont use make a list block, use add to list, and set global variable to create a empty list in default, not empty text.

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How can i resolve "for each number from 1 to length of list?

Try doing it like.

Tell me if it works.


Doesn’t work, show a blank screen, but don’t show any error…

You forget to add “length of list” in the block that says “for each number from 1 to length of list “lista”

Thanks, but i received de same issue, no error, but the blank screen, maybe the block don’t get values.

Can you send a screenshot of how your Firebase data are stored please.

I figure it out this morning, it works fine now on my device. Check it out

( Button 1 is just for me, so i could creates the tag to test it.)

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Thanks so much i will test it and tell you soon.
Now i’am at work.

Thanks again.

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Work perfect, thanks you helped me alot

You are welcome, happy to help :+1:t5:.

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