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I often see such blocks. Is the content written in them related to the operation of the block?Group 51 (1)

Yes,It’s an commentnof this block, means you can write the information that you want regarding that block. If you want to disable that then right click on mouse then you can see the remove comment option.

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It has several usages Like:-

  1. It helps when you implement hundreds and thousands of blocks (In my case) :heart:
  2. Use can use it to express your thoughts and comments when you share your code/ work :smile:
  3. It also help when you want to remind yourself something so that you may not forget it :safety_pin:
  4. It may also work as checkpoints in your blocks

If you cleared your doubt so Please post back :lollipop:

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So does it mean that I can use the same button but I don’t want to use too many blocks to write information directly in it, then the button will achieve two functions, does this mean?

Here are plenty examples what the comment option does. Most important when you do a “Do it” it displays the result.


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