Export CSV File

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I am having a problem with exporting list of text from label into CSV File. Way back year 2020, I used the following blocks below to export the list of text from label into CSV file and it worked. But currently, when I used the same blocks to export CSV file, it is no longer working. I can’t see the exported file on my device. Is it because there are updates on Kodular components? Or maybe there is another way on how to export list of text from label to CSV file? Hoping for your kind response. God bless you all.

You can’t store files to arbitrary directories anymore… store it to shared storage… see also Some basics on Android storage system

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Hello Taifun, thank you for the link that you send here. I already read it and made some modifications in my blocks, but still I can’t save the exported csv file to my device. Can you show me some sample blocks on how to do it, please?

Below is the screenshot of my current blocks. Thank and God bless.