Extensão com.getlocationinfo.aix "Service Invoked too many times for one day"

I downloaded the com.get location info.aix extension. And doing my project this message appeared.
I understood that I called the service many times (10 or 12 times)
What can it be ?

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What extension are you talking about? It seems you can only use it so many times a day?

com.getlocationinfo.aix It worked however, it took 2:00 minutes to show my address

Who made it and where is info on how to use it?

I think this is your answer.

I didn’t see … I downloaded the modification that asdc_allforone posted with the modification to do the automatic localization. I also looked to see if it was paid.
Well, I already gave up because this error message already explains that there are some limitations.
I will study another way.

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If you keep calling data [ more then 5 times in a minute ] in short period of time it’ll show you this error.

I haven’t received any message from you in my PM :sweat_smile:

you can also use Google maps API key to get location details.

calling from an uniqe device or all the callings from the app?

callings from the app!
I’m about to release the paid version of this extension were you’ll have your own API key and also you’ll not get this error!


One device. Like every testing phase, we changed our app and put it to run and evaluate the tests. Then, during testing, the extension displays this message.

I solved it using the Location Sensor and Google Maps.


Very nice.
We are waiting.

please dont forget that we are waiting for the updated extension :slight_smile:

Work is on progress buddy :sweat_smile:

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I am still waiting.
When it will come?

Hey Ct Tricks, did you forget the extension? I am still waiting.

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