Web Location User Location (Extension or API)


I’m working on one app that can get the user location from web. Why I need to search web location? because the location sensor it is to slow and do not work well in some devices.

Some knows about one method or solution that can solve this problem?

Thank you

you could get the location by IP address…
see these links for APIs… https://www.google.com/search?q=get+location+by+ip+api



But location based on IP wont give exact location… Better use google map inbuild in kodular. That only realiable if not you have to use private api and LocationIQ also good. 5k request per day…

Hello, I already checked this extension but I think that is only the same than location sensor but with more resources. Do you know if this extension has better accuracy than location sensor?

Before I already checked some APIs that can get the location from IP


But the problem is that the IP location is calculated based on the cellphone line service of the company or carrier IP address. I did testings and in some cities the IP location was totally wrong.

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the accuracy depends on your GPS signal… the better the GPS signal, the better the accuracy…

yes, you are correct… it is not as precise as the location sensor…


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