Extension compile

Hi I have a .Jar file and I want to convert into an .aix (extension) file how to do that without computer and if not possible then can any one do this for me

i believe only a jar file is not a extension. A jar file is a libary which you can use to built extensions. first of all you should learn how to make extensions than you can send your jar files to a team member and maybe they ccan upload. than you can use it to built a extension.

I think the jar file I indicate is an complete project can you look it and confirm the same to me

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no i dont have any skills for that.
ask a team member as i told you-
normaly a jar file is a libary not a complete extension but i am not the right person for that.


Why? Don’t you have a computer?

Really ! If you have .jar file so why you have no computer ?

No i don’t have one and neither tha knowledge to make