How to convert aix file (extension) to java source code file?

I want to do that, but it is possible?

Till yet it’s not possible and it’s not correct

Hello @Matanel325,

Yes, unfortunately it’s possible to decompile an extension to get its source code, however, this practice is neither allowed nor it’s ethical. Share the decompiled code or redistribute the extension as yours might lead to suspension as well…

Extension developers invest many time and work as they make their extensions, it isn’t good to take their work even if you didn’t share it. If you want to learn from popular extensions code, so you can check open source extensions, some examples are mentioned here:



Oh, no no I will not do something illegal
But, no way that llegal?

Yes , there is: That the developer of the extension make his extension Open source
P.S: I think you mean legal :grin:

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yes. ok thanks.

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To be honest, yes. But of course, it is not something I can explain here because (as another extension developer;) it would be disrespectful to the other extension developers. They are taking their valuable time to create the extensions, so if they are not providing the source code, then you shouldn’t do anything after that to get the source code.

It is not illegal to do, however, it is unethical.

Alternatively, some extensions are open-source for supporting FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). So you can use the source code for your personal and commercial usage under the license terms. Also, open-source is a good treasure to learn a specific programming language.


I want it only for me so when I will lost my java code, will alternative for it.
But ok

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