Converting to aix file on eclipse

Please guys does anyone know how to convert a project to aix file on eclipse, so that i can conveniently import it to my kodular project? Thanks.

You cannot convert Java project into AIX file on Eclipse as it is an IDE for Java not to create AIX files. You can create extensions using the Kodular extensions IDE: -

Eclipse doesn’t work with App Inventor stuff.

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So are you saying it’s only the kodular extension IDE that can make extensions for my kodular project?
The reason for asking is that it takes time for you to get an extension after clicking the make extension button, i was thinking if there is actually any other java editor that i could use.

That is not true, you can create extensions with App Inventor sources too. It can compile Java file to AIX extension. Kodular IDE just allows to create extension easily without executing any command and downloading App Inventor sources since it is cloud based. You need to download App Inventor sources to your computer if you want to work locally.

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Wow thanks, So on the kodular IDE environment, you will always notice that there are some default codes that always appear when ever you want to wirte any new project, would it be same in app inventor sources, also do you have a link, so that i could download it straight away?


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Should i download the Zip file? or the other?

if you ask this question, it probably would be better to download neither?
see also the Extensions document App Inventor Extensions


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