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I am looking for an extension to format the text box in the currency field, video style below, I am really in need.

20191108_054628.mp4 (874.1 KB)

Welcome. Why not show an image of what you want? Most users, including me, have no time to download an mp4 and view it.


Excuse me.


I remember @Ken has made an extension that does this.

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You mean this one. But i don’t think it does exactly what the user wants.

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It was a different one.

@Kleyber_Derick I had a couple issues with it and never completed it.

It should be done with blocks and some logic

if someone can help me with the code I can be creating the extension itself.

how can i be doing this with the blocks?

Have you tried something? It doesn’t need to be a textbox at all, you can make your own numeric keyboard and the number can be a label that shows the currency formatted number.
Like this ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/?galleryId=5712556652756992

I can make an extension for this, but as always it has to wait in a queue since I have 3 other extensions going. They’ll of course all be released when all are done, which is right now an unknown ETA.

you also could try the textbox extension together with your own block logic, see especially the AfterTextChanged event

Or you can use the Dynamic block in Kodular that’s been rolled out to all AI Distros instead :man_shrugging:

can you give me a tip how can i do with the dynamic block?

someone managed to solve this?


I put in attachment the AIA file of one solution that I worked today.

The “NumFrac” is the number of decimal characters, because we could worked with different kynd of numbers, like dollar or gasoline values. For currency will be “2”.

Here in Brazil we separete the decimal value with “,” and the multiples of 1000with “.”. But I know that some countries it is different, so, just change this variables.

In my simulations, the procedures was getting in infinite looping. So, I used a logic bi-state to avoid it.

Please, make all tests and if someone find aerror, please, let us know.


Dynamic_Numbers.aia (6.9 KB)


thank you very much friend, it will be of great help, i ended up creating an extension that just formats the value, but it was saved in the kodular IDE i think i ended up losing

Thank you so much for that.


This is the method that I designed 2 years ago and that I have used since then in my application.
you can make modifications, it is not perfect, but it works.

I receive the parameters from a .csv file. This contains information on currencies from different countries such as: Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, among others, you can add many more.

In my .csv file some parameters are replaced for example: " * " is replaced by a " , " comma and " - " by " " a blank space, this because some currencies to separate thousands use a space instead from a comma.

Max limit 999,999,999

Return $10.00 MXN or $10.00 USD


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