How to use 123-4567890-1011123 this Format in TEXT Box Auto Typing

Plz Help Me On This.

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Thanks For Reply,
I have already try this AIA file but in this AIA file code is not there what I need,
Any other method is there or any Extension, Plz suggest me.

TextTest.aia (2.5 KB)
There is, there are some bugs but its working, good learning.
If this helped you, please mark as solution.

Blocks do not always do exactly what the user wants.
Giving ready-made blocks is not the best way to learn.
The type formatting algorithm:
99-999-99 or
9-999999-99 or
999-99-999999 or
are almost the same.
It depends on an effort to try.


Do you want to limit the number of characters?

He Wants 3+7+7 digits
What I posted is 1 + 9 digits. Now he just has to adjust to what he wants. …

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If you want to limit the number of characters, try this.

In the example below, I limited it to 10 characters.

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Please no ,

I think
He wants a formatting mask :
3 + 7 + 7 digits

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"How to use 123-4567890-1011123 this Format "

And watch vídeo… :thumbsup:

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“I fixed limited number 17 digits I want to separate this to 3+7+7 in middle of this,
I want to add -(hyphen) symbol auto-generated real-time while typing digits ex: 000-0000000-0000000 like this.
I attach a video like same as it is I want, this another app example showed in the video, kindly suggest is it possible in this do like this.”

I know what you want.
I replied “I think” to the other user who was in doubt about what you want.
Do not use capital letters.

I have already passed the possible path.
On text changed from the text box …

I can understand boss, thanks for the support.

Maybe …
1-Try to put your code in on text changed
2- Create a variable to receive the text box content, without the hyphens.
3- Create a variable to receive the size of the variable created above. (Size_without_hyphens)
4- Create a variable to receive the actual size of the textbox with the hyphens (size_textbox)
5- Compare the size of the variable without a hyphen with its limits (the first limit is greater than 3 and less than 10) and compare if the 2 variables with sizes (with and without hyphen) are different.
5.1- If true, make the variable with the size of the textbox with hyphens receive this variable size without a hyphen.
5.2- Change the content of the textbox: take the first 3 digits, join with the hyphen, and with the rest of the content of your textbox.
5.3- Place your cursor at the last position + 1
6-Then adjust to compare the next limits of the hyphens
7- Ceck the maximum size of the textbox content (as it was posted above )


you can add if block or regex to test the input and validate it and handle it accordingly

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It possible to provide code Block plz plz, I think it will help me lots.
thanks in advance.

He ( @Rogerio_Rios ) is trying to teach you I guess. You have to use text blocks + Use text changed to keep track of letters inputted + Once condition reached extract text and add the hyphen then set text again.


Some blocks :