Comma is not working in numberpad

Kodular has 1 error. (,) Does not work.

Input Type
Number: 5 and Decimal Number: 8
I want to write the price. E.g. 10,000

Just write the Number without commas. Numeric values don’t support commas.

i need comma
I want to write the price. example: 10,000

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Use string input and then use some block logic to get the real number.

You are since more than 1 year in community, you must know thet #koded is not right category for this discussion.
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thanks :grin: :grin:

What is it like?

it’s working ,
but it’s not solution

Try :

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My head won’t catch these. :grin: :grin:

it’s correct ,
but it’s not solution

I just did a test, it’s working as it should…

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But it doesn’t work in the same text box.

You might try this extension with your textbox

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:weary: :weary: comma not working

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Can you post the test apk with and without Extension.

Is your textbox still on input type 8 in designer, if so try putting it on 1 normal…

yes normal 1 ,
but comma not working

pop.apk (5.8 MB)

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