[Extension] Introducing DeviceInfo

There’s a PM feature on Kodular too.

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Im gonna PM you, and see if you check it.

If you want to post here expect to get responses here. Asking users to join you own community is not allowed and a lack of respect for the developers of Kodular.

@Peter sorry, i type the wrong things, i means, if something want to contact me, they can PM me there, but now i just changed it to Telegram Link

Nice Extension !


New Updates :

Version : 1.1

  • 7 New Blocks added
  • Renamed GetPhoneNumber Feature
  • Special Feature : “Go Home”

Download Link

io.hybro.DeviceInfo1.1.aix (12.4 KB)


This is pretty much what the ‘Device’ component does, isn’t it?

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thank you for your contribution
please remember the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names


Also let me recommend you to focus on extensions or new methods, which provide something new, i.e. which is currently not possible using existing components or extensions…


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Hello, i am going to introduce some SneakPeaks for my extension :

you might want to read again my previous answer


nice !
I will try to follow it when i release the next update

Nope, you won’t try, you’ll do it. Follow based off of my extension, I didn’t need any warnings about camel casing as I looked at other extensions.

News to DeviceInfo

This Link is

Download Problems


Oh, just noticed that it doesnt work, maybe i will upload a new version when i am free

Thanks for aia

For those who is still interested on this extension :

49bc1115d1b8a8862a799c0eadb2d3c3.aix (17.5 KB)
Last update & released on 4 Dec 2019.

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Hi Samuel! Glad you’re back. Can I talk to you in a PM if you’re free?

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Hello! Yes if you want to …

download link not working