Extension Request : Custom title bar with scrolling in list view or app contents

Hello all Respected Extension Developers, Can anyone please make a free custom title bar extension as Kodular’s Title bar is good but we can’t scroll title bar in contents.

and we can’t remove about in more option, I feel no problem with about but it comes in every screen!
Now here comes own title bar yaa It’s the good choice and works well but the problem here is label’s used in title bar are not properly touchable and if we use buttons with material icons and text it also doesn’t works. But buttons are working good in adding images, and Custom own made title bar also occurs scrolling issue as vertical scroll arrangement doesn’t works properly in this.

So my request is that from All RESPECTED Extension Developers please develop a Android Studio type title bar extension for Kodular FREE for all.


It’s called parallax effect
The extension is already made

It’s not what I want. I want something easier no arrangements easier to design title bar and It should be free for all.

Yes please try to make this type of Title Bar/Action Bar extension It will be also OK if Title bar scrolling will be not available. as in arrangements and in labels and buttons responsiveness is also not available and it doesn’t looks professional.

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I am beginner here, I also want scrollable title bar extension with title bar icons and more customisation please @ExtensionDevelopers and please try to make it FREE for everyone. :sweat_smile:


Have a look at this guide

Not an extension, sorry

I already taken look at this read the first post properly please