Extensions Not Working after Kodular 1.5.2 Fenix Update

This is just to remind developers about the extensions that are not working on Android 10+ devices.

List of Extensions :

1 . Pedroza Thumbnail Extension by Carlos Pedroza27

2 . Image Compressor Extension by Deep Host

3 . Video Compressor Extension by Deep Host

4 . Kio4 Apk Installer Extension by Juan Antonio

And Many More… (Still Finding)

I hope this will help everyone to figure out issues in their apps that are exported after Kodualr 1.5.2 Fenix Update.
Thanks :blush:

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Please report issues with extensions always in the corresponding threads!

please report it here and add more details, so the extension developer is able to elicit and fix the issue

concerning extensions from Deephost everything already has been said… for example here

did you try this

PS: I will close this thread

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