Extract set from a text

last post of the day;) Hello guys I have a question for a long time, I would like to know if I can extract a part of a text that begins with a specific digit.


“Hello @user

in this case I would like to extract @user. This is possible?

There is a similar block a available in Device Utilities component.

Thanks, now I’m going to see this

Means you want to replace it (@user) with something else ?

I wish this. I want to extract it and get the result. example:

Video title: Hello, this is my video (id: random numbers)

and be able to extract the random numbers from the ID to compare them with the database


I think with this you cannot get this: Extract set from a text

Show your blocks here
It should work as @vknow360 said

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but how do I get the specific text from that block? With that block I can really check if it exists or not

To get a specific text you need to use some logic. And I’m not sure :
What you want to extract, from where you want to extract

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Already this, it was correct @vknow360 , you have to select them in a specific way and I found it

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Maybe this helps you, note that the end parameter has a space, it is not blank.

blocks (2)


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Maybe something like this:
extractText_test.aia (111.2 KB)