How to get text from example.png?

please help me to get text from a text.

example : abcd.png
i want only bc as variable .

how can i do ?

Hi @AryanGupta,
You can use segment text block :slightly_smiling_face:
For example:
Segment text abcd start =2 length = 2
This will return bc

i don’t want to use that because i have many texts.
every texts have different length

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So you can use starts at block to determine the start.
Means you will set the start parameter in the segment block to starts as block and the peice will be b for example

i want text after a and before d

So you can use this

For example
Segment text at text = abcd.png start = start at text = abcd.png piece = b, and the length ( segment text block ) will be = 2

hey i have also some text where abcde.png
if i set

then the output will bc as well.
but i want text between a and e in this case

is there any extension or something else .
which will allow me to input start text and end text .

So your block will be

Segment text at text = abce.png start = start at text = abce.png piece = b, and the length ( segment text block ) will be = 3

Actually this is the work of the segment block.You don’t need to use extensions.
BTW,if you want to type the end and start text do as i’ve told you and use starts at block.:slightly_smiling_face:

please listen me
i am saying that i want text between a and d in abcd.

let’s take a example
my image name is a-bc-d.
i want text only between - and -

Actually you are not reading what i’ve typed.What’ve told you id what you want exactly.Here is another example
Segment text
text = a-bc-d
start = starts at text = a-bc-d, piece = -
length = length ( a-bc-d) - starts at text = a-bc-d , piece = -
That’s it :slightly_smiling_face:

can you please show me your blocks


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Hello, use Parse block from Device Utilities like this:


More info here: Device Utilities - Parse (Kodular Docs)


thanks @FahadAhmad @Mohamed_Tamer @ADDYLIN

thanks everyone for your time


Glad to see your problem solved. :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck! :+1:

Remember: Community is always here for your help if you stuck somewhere.


love you bru @FahadAhmad



You got the solution for this in you other topic. Why did you ask again the same question?

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because those blocks are not useful for me

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But you marked someone’s reply as the solution in your other topic. So if that wasn’t the solution, why you marked it?