Facebook Rewarded Video ads

Can you guys also add Facebook Audience Network Rewarded video ad blocks?

Facebook’s CPM is really amazing and far more better then that of Admob. So we can earn even more using their Rewarded Video ads.

I am not agains this but at my experience the cpm of facebook rewarded video is not better than admob at all.

I am from and here cpm is $1+ always for facebook ads.
But for admob it goes down to $0.01 sometimes.

Facebook ads cpm =

Your screenshot doesn’t seem to be of facebook rewarded, am I wrong?
But anyway, may be your projects are in a good niche where Facebook pay better.
But as I see in forums and friends who have used, Facebook Rewarded video doesn’t use to pay better than admob rewarded…

And I believe it is impossible to have CPM of $0.01 with rewarded videos. I believe you are talking about banners, right? If you are really talking about rewarded you are probably doing something very wrong. I have a little projet where the cpm is 4-5$ with rewarded videos on admob.
Just think: If Admob pay 1 cent for video watched you would get 10$ for each 1.000 videos watched.

Are you tracking how many users watch the videos and are rewarded and how many give up or don’t even care about clicking the button to show rewarded videos?

Yes I was also taking about Admob banner & interstitial ads.
I have used Admob banner + interstitial ads together and it’s cpm was always lower then $0.05. I never use Admob Rewarded Videos so I don’t know about that.
Now I am using Facebook banner + interstitial ads together and it’s cpm is at an average of $1. That’s why I am saying that facebook rewarded video ads should also a better option. [And that pic is also from Facebook Audience Network.

Here is the full screenshot =

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Will be added in the next release.


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